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Posted: April 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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“Dantewada”, many of us might have heard/overheard this word over the last week, but does it haunt you? It might not to most of us, but it certainly do haunt dozens of grieved families of quarter-ton CRPF jawans killed in the Massacre on Tuesday. The ill trained/equipped were trapped in a well planned attack and booby troops by hundred of maoists hiding in dense forests, they were brutally killed, blown up with pressure mines and later on looted of their weapons. It was major setback to the policy adopted by the home minister to tackle with the Maoists. There was major failure of intelligence, application and strategy and soon the phrases articulated with some elite vocabulary borrowed from US like “Clear, hold and build” were replaced by another set of vocabulary i.e. “Where does the buck stop?” It was wise on the part of PC not to pass the buck and morally claiming that the buck stops nowhere but on his own desk unlike his previous statement where he claimed CM Buddadheb’s desk to be the final halt of the Buck. But, Rather than marking end points for the “Buck” or passing it from one person to other, we especially our home minister should be more concerned about carving out the plans to remove the “buck”. No wonder this government has ministers which has such a flabbergasting oratory that they can please anyone with spontaneous flow of words. They have been doing it very well since they have got elected, but now it’s the time to translate those words into action. It’s the time when we should unwrap the cloak of Robinhood which the Maoists are wearing. With brutal killings of the security personals they Maoists are losing sympathy for them among the tribals which are now inclining toward the Government. Maoists have surely given the tribal people the guns, the power to kill, but they certainly haven’t provided them the thing they are fighting for. Tribal people now can kill but their children still cannot go to school, their villages are still deprived of the basic necessities like roads, water, and electricity. There is no ambiguity in the fact that it’s the Indian Government and not the Maoists that can fulfill the needs of Tribal People. No wonder we can not by pass the Maoists and directly lure the tribals by providing them education, development and proper resources. We have to deal with violence and the threats posed by the Maoists. We have to eradicate the Maoists and then develop the region. It should be the way it was said by PC “Clear, hold and build”. But the area should be cleared with the consensus of the common people with zero collateral damage and then the process of building up the region should be started.