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My last post has might change my image of an anti policymakers kinda blogger. But once again, the happenings around me has brought the real critic out of me and has forced me to post something which would again highlight the dark patches of our system and how various critical situations are held in our country. On Friday a truck stormed into an electric pole bringing a half century old structure down which led to the breaking down of four other poles too and soon the NH-95 became a pool of death with high voltage electrical wires spread across the road. Somehow, the electrical department acted on time and switched off the supply to avoid any kind of mishap. But, unfortunately as much expected nothing was done to clear the road. After 5 hours of the collapse, the situation was same, but some VIP area needed the supply of electricity urgently. So, after taking some initial safety measures which includes posting a constable on either side of the affected road to divert the traffic, the supply of the electricity was resumed thro’ the broken poles and the wires lying on the road and divider. This act put life of many people on danger, but who cares when it come to fulfill the needs of Indian VIPs. Then the authorities waited for some mishap to act in an appropriate way and that happened soon as there was no electricity on the highway some drunkard bikers miscued the constable to divert the traffic as a traffic police and rode at a high speed toward the side where the wires were spread to avoid any challan or fine. And, soon they sped into the web of death and one of the biker died on spot. It took more than an hour and the efforts of the local people to drag the body out of the trap with the help of wooden logs. The authorities were too inert to the situation, being a cantonment area the military acted and registered a case against the electrical department and blocked the way with the help of newly installed iron cages to protect the newly planted trees along the road side. It was resourceful thing to do but its very disappointing that the police authorities doesn’t have proper blocking material with radium signs so that it could be visible in dark too. If, the administration would have acted accordingly then the biker wouldn’t has been punished to death for violating the traffic rules which otherwise would have cost him some fine. So, it took a death and more than a day to set up things and restore the power supply. Its highly disappointing that why the lives of the common man of our country is taken as granted and we aren’t being considered as anything but a vote to elect the politicians to power and then bear with them till the next elections!!!