For years long we have been talking about bringing a change to Indian political system. Dozens of governments have been tried over sixty years and we have come up with different kind of leaders. But, till this millennium we have been witnessing an orthodox type of governance which was working within a box and today we have a government that has guts to work differently and come out of the box occasionally as it’s still not possible to change everything overnight. But any change that is for good is always welcome by everyone so was the speech of Environmental Minister Sh. Jai Ram Ramesh in Loksabha clarifying the Indian stand on Copenhagen. He had a profound knowledge about the subject and expressed himself with impeccable display of oratory. He made it clear that India won’t agree to any kind of legal binding on emission cuts and nor would it put its national and voluntarily carried out projects to cope up with climate change under international scrutiny unless it is funded by them. He made it clear that India has a desire to lead the world to make this planet a better place to live as it would be India which would be worst effected by the climate change. He said that India would voluntarily agree to decrease its emission intensity by 20-25% till 2020 and he also emphasized the point that dealing the situation with little bit flexibility and without the expense of our sovereignty won’t result in selling out the country as neither he nor any other leader is so unpatriotic to sell off his own country. It was a pleasure to see his strong urge to satisfy each and every Indian in a simplified way when most of the other MPs were getting bored and asking him to end the speech claiming that they had got his point. So, finally we are in an era where the politicians are more responsible, accessible and answerable to the common man. Jairam Ramesh has enlightened a hope in my mind which has forced me to write something in favor of Indian Politics. Hope our politician would keep on giving me reasons to write positive about them unlike my previous posts which are more harsh on the Politicians. Jai Hind!!!


Its exactly twenty five years, and tomorrow morning we would be having lots of seminars, condolence meetings, homage ceremonies by our politicians to commemorate and shed some tears to show their solidarity with thousands of people who died or get affected directly or indirectly by Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Every year on 3rd of December, all the protest holdings take a national stage and hopes start bubbling up in the hearts of the victims pumping the contaminated blood among their infected veins. But, years after years all that the victims has got is the biased treatment by the Government of India which has been since then being on the wrong side by supporting Union Carbide India, Limited. Indian government hasn’t done enough to bring Warren Anderson, CEO, UCIL to justice who has been absconding since he was released on bail after few days of disaster. He must be living peacefully in some escorted place in US after making lots of profit by investing less on infrastructure, safety measures and all the guidelines, which his company might be following in other countries which have stronger laws. Various research programmes were started by the union of India but none of them were allowed to get published as it would have carnage the Government’s stands that that leakage has only short terms effects. But, contrary to that the leakage caused many hereditary effects and have caused lots of diseases which have descended from one generation to the other. The Government of India ignored the MoU while getting the leased land vacated by the UCC, which was loaded with tones of toxic waste unlike conditioned to be in its original state as in Memorandum. Government can’t explain its stand in doing so neither it could explain why it settled for US $ 470 million which is almost one tenth of claimed US $ 3.3 billion. Neither they were able to claim the victim’s share of compensation by the culprit firm nor could it do much for the betterment of victims. It would always be a mystery for all of us why the Indian Government has been so much in favour of hiding the negligence of a Foreign firm and have ignored the poor countrymen. The victims appeals to bring Warren Anderson to justice might be heard early by the almighty than the government as the octogenarian may be leaving the world soon and some of us would be pointing out the problems of the victims on Golden or centenary anniversary of the mishap. Long live the Indian Democracy and Judicial system!!!

Sun may shine….

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It was like reliving the past. Twitter helped me knowing that the Result of CGL Main Exam will be put on the website on 30-11-2009. It brings the anxiety and curiosity of a result back to my life which I haven’t experienced since have left academic studies after joining the postal department. It reminded me of my childhood when on the day of my birthday I used to get up early in the morning and wait for the rest of the family members to wake up and wish. Though, I never long for a gift that would be given to me only on my birthday as in the case of Anjali of Kuch Kuch Hota hai, yet there was a kind of excitement and enthusiasm of being a birthday boy. It reminded me of the times when I waited for midnight for the declaration of result. So, the life has moved a circle and I was again waiting for the clock to struck 12 and give me the result of a hopeful prospect although I didn’t do that well in the exam. But still as its human tendency to hope against all the odds, I was doing the same. SSC is much talked about its delay in results, false information and false tentative dates of result, yet I was hopeful that It might publish the result at midnight. Hence, when my eyes started giving up, I checked the website once again, put the laptop aside but did not shut it down, so that I might come to see a good news if I happen to get awake at night. And as it says, curiosity doesn’t let you sleep; I checked the website thrice in deep sleep but with a hope at 0002 hrs, 0300hrs and 0600hrs. But as we say blessing in disguise my hopes remain alive as the SSC hasn’t yet published the result. So, the chances of cracking it were still alive. I wake up at checked the website again but the hope were still alive, no results yet. I decided to have a day off from the office, so I called up my boss and told him that I am ill so I can’t attend the office. So, it was a lazy day at home, I decided to watch a Punjabi comedy movie for a change. It was worth watching and then a nice thing happened to me I got a call from Lt. Gen. H.S. Panag. He gave me bit of guidance about the SSB interview and was much generous to help me whenever I need. It has opened up another door of hope and opportunity, after so many days of dark, I see a ray of hope. You never know, I might end up getting recommended by SSB on my eight chances after failing for 7 times. With the Defence’s dreams ringing up in my mind again, the SSC thing takes secondary position. But, I consider its result as a step ahead toward the journey of success rather than success itself. Surely, any positive result will help in gathering the positive energy towards me which will surely help in my enhancement. And above all an inspector is far more impressive than a Babu in Postal department in the society as well as in any interview I will face in near future. But, the SSC is at its best in making the aspirants wait on their heels, half of the 30th November has passed, yet there is no clue of any result. At last, when I had lost all the hope of 30th being the date of declaration of result and was about to leave my place to meet my friends, I checked it once again. And guess what, to much of the surprise I have cracked it and my name was among the list of the successful candidates selected for interview. So, today has been a day which has brought rays of hopes into my gloomy life! Hope the sun will shine and the flower of happiness will blossom in my life!!!

After the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, where both the intelligence and the security forces failed abysmally. There were talks about major reforms, head were shifted and P. Chidambaram was given the charge of Home Ministry, he talked high and announced major reforms in NSG like increasing the strength setting up regional head quarters and Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. Its been an year since the attacks, we have shown our respect to the martyrs killed in the attacks by giving them homage holding functions etc. But, the question remains the same, are we prepared for next 26/11. Basically for the purpose of the internal security of the country and counter terrorism within the country a special response unit was created by the Cabinet under the National Security Guard acts in 1886 and was named NSG. It was said that while performing Operation Blue star in 1884 there was a collateral civilian casualties when the Indian Army was clearing the Golden Temple under the seize of the militants. So, to avoid any repeat of such kind of situation a special anti terrorist squad was created modeled on Germany’s GSG-9. Although it is hard to explain how a squad or unit consisting of 15000 personnel can be a replica of a special task force of 300 personnel. Although, the NSG equates these figure inversely with the numbers of operations carried out by them. GSG-9 has reportedly completed more than 1500 operations including abduction, terrorism, extortion and the NSG has been active in only 7 operations after sparing some time from the security of the VIP’s and haven’t done well in most of them. Our NSG reached there late after because they didn’t have any air plane to travel and they were far located which cost us hundreds of lives. So, in order to counter any such kind of attack in future, the NSG is planning to move its HQ from Manesar to some place in Palam has created 4 regional centres in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai like they are aware that next time terrorists will attack nearby these places. And the NSG would reached there in their claimed 30 minutes response time. NSG, still hasn’t acquired any plane or helicopter and is said to have MOUs with major airlines and would requisite the plan as if those airlines are been doing regular rehearsals for the combat operations and would serve the NSG in matter of seconds. So, all the claims made by the NSG seems like fairy tales, which may bring smile to many faces and assure the security of the nation. But, with present setup of the NSG we won’t be doing any better in any kind of terrorist attack. Hence, the title of special response force or anti terrorist squad must be ripped off from the NSG and they should be exclusively given the task of securing the bunch of Political VIPs and others. And, we must wake up from the dream that SAG comprising of army personnel can be lead well by an IPS rather than a Commanding Officer of Armed forces. And hence the anti terrorist squad should be a special units of Armed forces situated at all the army head quarters because in that case they will be more equipped and more resourceful and would respond in a way in which a Special Response Unit should and would act in a way in which a Anti terrorist Squad should Act.

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Tuje chaha tha to ye nai socha tha k tere bin har khushi kho jaegi
Abh is jindagi se mohabbat kar bethe hai, ye bhi bewafa ho jaegi

Mr. Sharma’s lost rum

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It all started with a call. My phone rang and I was asked to pass on a favour to a friend of mine by fetching him 2 Kgs of Chawanprash from CSD as I am in frequent touch with the army postal unit for troubleshooting. So, I called up Shekhar Babu to bring Chawanprash for me, as I was talking to him a generous thought struck me in my mind to get some of my colleagues some cheap liquor. So, I asked him to arrange four bottles of rum and at last I managed to ask him for 10 packets of Act 2 popcorns for me and my sweet niece who loves to see them popping up in the oven and then into her. So, it was all arranged, I was supposed to pick up the things from 7 Postal Div HQ after my office. So, I asked Mr. Mohinder Nath Sharma, one of the two guys whose wine buds were tempting hard to taste cheap and best quality rum to accompany me to the Div HQ.
When we reached over there Shekhar Babu was busy smashing down the volleyball to his opponent’s court. Although, we disturbed his evening stint of play, he was too generous and hospitable in attending us. He handed over four bottles of rum to us which Mr. Sharma quickly stuffed up in his bag. Then he called the Sepoy Dogra, whom he had asked to buy the things from the CSD. As, it would take him another 10 minutes to reach the spot with the goods, Shekharbabu was not in a mood to spoil his game by attending us for another ten minutes or so. He advised us to pick up the things from the gate of 141 unit canteen. We were instructed to search for a bike with J&K’s registration number, which was on my tips till I found that bike but completely out of my mind right now, and wait for the Dogra guy to come up and hand over the things. We reached the spot within minutes on my Pulsar and spotted the bike and waited for a while. Then arrive Sepoy Dogra, he handed over the things collected the money and zoomed on his bike. As we just started to start after stuffing the things into the bag of Mr. Sharma, we were stopped by a Sardar who later turned out to be a Subedar in 7 INF div. He asked us about the purchases and then after inquiring for a while he asked me to lead him to the person who has bought the things. So, we deserted Mr. Sharma with his Pandora box (of course it was one as it contains 4 bottles of rum, 2 kg of Chawanprash and 10 packets of popping pop corns) and Subedar’s wife. Ya, the guy was out for grocery shopping and in middle of it he thought of man hunting and adding to his glory, although he claims that we were seen by his senior and then he ordered him to go out for the hunt still its hard to believe. We started for the Postal div HQ, there we try to convince him and let us go. But he was too adamant to let us go even after the intervention of Major Sharma. So, all those talks and requests fell into deaf ears, and it was decided that we would get to there unit and record our statements. Although I was busy in convincing the Subedar my mind was all set to search for an opportunity to get rid of those four bottles of rum. But, again sticking to his stubbornness the Subedar didn’t give me any chance and it was me and him again started for the canteen on my bike to pick up Mr. Sharma and Subedar’s wife. There also, I tried to make some excuse to sneak away for a while so that we could get rid of those bottles of rum, but the luck was not on my side this time too. So, we started for the unit and on the way I was pleased to know that Mr. Sharma was smart enough to throw out three of the bottles into a nalaah but he couldn’t get the fourth one out of his Pandora box (though now it wasn’t one without the liquor) as Subedar’s Wife was getting suspicious. We slowed our bike at a turn to throw the last bottle (I bet it would have been the toughest job for Mr. Sharma to throw those bottles) but the bag wasn’t letting it get out of it and the Subedar was slowing down to match us. Anyhow, the bag (Yup, its no longer a Pandora box) let the last bottle get out of it for the safety of his owner, and Mr. Sharma threw it away. Now the count was four three in a nallah and one along the roadside, they were worth Rs. 340 from CSD and above all they were non tempting XXX Contessa Rum. So, we were made to sit in a room and I started recording my statement on a piece of paper. Then only Mr. Babu reached the spot and after his suggestions my statement went like:-

“ I, Udit Vashisht, am working as a System Manager in postal department. I went to postal div hq to rectify some problem in computer. There Mr. Shekhar Babu asked me to fetch some things from his friend, as he has no conveyance and moreover he was busy in his work. A colleague of mine was accompanying me. Signed Udit Vashisht”

below that was my contact number. Altough it was a completely different from the statement given to the Subedar and then passed on by him to his Subordinate who objected a bit after reading my statement, but It was on the safest side. Then Mr. Shekhar Babu started recording is statement. When, Mr. Sharma was asked to record his statement, he looked for excuses and tried to throw the whole case on our side, he claimed the good was dealt between me and babu and he was none in picture as he was the one who was supposed to be dropped by me on my way back home. And, he was so true, the good left was not of his interest as the thing he liked the most was thrown away and that too by him only. Anyhow It took a lot of efforts to make him quiet and avoid him to be a spoilsport which he would have been at one instance if the Subedar wouldn’t have controlled his anger, when Mr. Sharma objected and infact inquired him if he too had passed favours by buying things for his friends, which the subedar rejected with affirmation. Any how I was successful in drilling out an incomplete and hazy statement out of Mr. Sharma which includes 3 “some” in a single statement that is, “I accompanied Udit to some place to fetch some thing from some person”, like he was an infant who doesn’t know whats going on in this greedy word and was a puppet who was just accompanying his master, “ Mr. Udit Vashisht”.While we were busy in recording our statements, the person over there was busy in clicking the photographs of the stuff worth Rs. 327 placed on a table. The sealed my Identification card. Then come the super moment. The stuff was placed on floor in a well arranged manner (No doubt, army people are too good in performing in a arranged way) and me and poor Mr. Sharma was made to stand behind it and two more photographs were clicked. It reminded me of the pictures of thugs, smugglers or terrorists caught with stolen goods, drugs or arms seized piled in front of them and they standing behind trying to hide their face. But, for some reason it was hilarious for me and I was having a strong urge to ask for that picture so that I can upload it in my orkut account, but somehow I resisted myself as It might offend the serving personals who were performing there duty and were cheerful and chilled out with us. After that the Xerox of the bill and my id was taken, the stuff was handed over to Mr. Shekhar Babu and when he tried to stuff it again in Mr. Sharma’s bag who was bit reluctant. After all these things we started back, me with the Chawanprash and popcorns and Mr. Sharma with the memories of Rum. He was bit embarrassed bit disappointed still he was trying to sort out some way so that he could get those bottles back. Hope he could get over this and get those bottles out of his mind and enjoy the sleep at night!


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World sports is often looked as a competition which has million of spectators, which lure many giant commercial houses to pump in lot of money to sell of their products in tiny ad intervals between breathtaking show of exciting contest. But a deep introspection brings out the fact that World sport has led this era far away from the evil of racism and inject a streak of patriotism among the players as well as the spectators.

Today when the world is fighting like cats and dogs, world sports has remained immune to much of its affect, if we ignore few trivial but shameful instances. Today, you need not belong to a particular caste, skin or community to participate in a national or world event. A player is picked up by his capability and talent. There are lot of instances where the sportsmanship has pushed the word ” Racism” far away. The William sisters are cheered up by the American irrespective of their colour as they bring home some invaluable grandslams. Even the british who took the racism to all time high during their regime of brutal rule over Indian let an Asian to lead their cricket team for many years and they don’t shy away to include several asian players to their team. In football no player is asked to defend or attack the post on the basis of his colour or caste. Its the talent that counts.

Also, when modern youth is getting highly westernised, its only the Sports which ignite a sense of patriotism among them. Its the glory of the sport which catalyse a spirit to represent their country, which is nothing but a mismanaged chariot full of load of millions of people being driven by a bunch of corrupted crooks, at world’s level. So, in order to unite a world sitting on piles of nuclear weapons we must encourage the world sport and insulate it from shameful ” Monkey Gate” instances.