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Reservation was first adopted in constitution of India for the period of 5 years for social upliftment of socially backward classes, which have lesser representation in various services and institutions of India. But as we have moved forward, ‘Reservation’ has acquired a meaning which extensively differs from the idea for which this term was coined. Nowadays reservation has been a much used term in the Political Manifesto of most of the Parties and has been a major card to win vote banks during elections. And at the moment, we are at a stage when reservation has almost crossed the halfway mark and is resulting in reverse discrimination. I would like to point out two examples of reservation which will surely highlight many flaws of Reservations.

(a)    Since most of the reservations are based on caste in India, It results in discrimination against the meritorious students/candidates. For an instance, if a General and a SC candidate get selected as DC of District after clearing IAS exam. And they start their livelihood from scratch. No wonder that both the DC would earn the same and their children would get exactly similar facilities in life. Yet at the time of Admission in Educational Institutes and selection in Government Jobs, son of the SC will get reservation any would bypass the General’s son even if he had scored less than the latter. It doesn’t end here, a reserved employee will get promotions and bypass unreserved employee not on the basis of performance but on the basis of the family/caste he has taken birth in.

(b)   Similarly there was much furore about the Women Reservation Bill and was in the pipeline since the Idea was proposed by then PM PV Narsimah Rao around 14 years ago. And after years long struggle, on Women’s day the bill was passed which would reserve one-third of the seats in Constituency on rotational basis for the period of fifteen years. Only thing that has impressed me about the tabling of the bill and later on its acceptance in the higher house is the way the house has passed it and the MPs has voted beyond the party lines. It seems like the advent of an Era where Policy making has scaled the walls of Party politics and vote to bring a change and for the development and progress of country be it Vote of no confidence motion during nuke deal or Women Reservation bill. But in later case i.e. for Women Reservation bill we have surely missed a proper argument in absence of any opposition by major parties, the only opposition for the bill we had, was from a bunch of leaders trying to win muslim vote banks who were asking to have Quota within the Quota. But, on overlooking this hairline ray of light of better polity in India, we’ll come across the various flaws that this reservation has in it. Firstly, since the reservation of the seats is to be done on rotational basis for the period of 15 years, this will make the MPs or MLAs from the respective constituency less accountable. If we have a male MP for one term and in the following term the said constituency would be reserved for a woman, that MP is not gonna reelected irrespective of the work he has done. Similarly this problem will give rise to dynasty politics as MPs may get their female family members contesting from the reserved constituency.

Above all if it is taken as a step to empower the women in India, I don’t find it that way. As, politics is not a one on one bout in a boxing ring, in which we need same gender contesting against each other. In fact by reserving the seats particularly for females we are sidelining them from male contenders and I don’t think that any female would feel proud to defeat a weak female contender instead of a relatively strong male contender. Why do we need a law for a thing which can be imposed/done by principles? Each party is independent to stand as many women as they want, then why mere 33 % when they can have 100% women contesting the elections. Same is the questions for the Leaders who are asking for reservation for Dalits/SC, if they want to uplift certain cast give them the tickets. I believe that all we need is better leaders/politician irrespective of their sex/cast/community. I would be happier than any one if we have all our MPs women if they are better leaders than the competing men. Jai Hind!!!


After the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, where both the intelligence and the security forces failed abysmally. There were talks about major reforms, head were shifted and P. Chidambaram was given the charge of Home Ministry, he talked high and announced major reforms in NSG like increasing the strength setting up regional head quarters and Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. Its been an year since the attacks, we have shown our respect to the martyrs killed in the attacks by giving them homage holding functions etc. But, the question remains the same, are we prepared for next 26/11. Basically for the purpose of the internal security of the country and counter terrorism within the country a special response unit was created by the Cabinet under the National Security Guard acts in 1886 and was named NSG. It was said that while performing Operation Blue star in 1884 there was a collateral civilian casualties when the Indian Army was clearing the Golden Temple under the seize of the militants. So, to avoid any repeat of such kind of situation a special anti terrorist squad was created modeled on Germany’s GSG-9. Although it is hard to explain how a squad or unit consisting of 15000 personnel can be a replica of a special task force of 300 personnel. Although, the NSG equates these figure inversely with the numbers of operations carried out by them. GSG-9 has reportedly completed more than 1500 operations including abduction, terrorism, extortion and the NSG has been active in only 7 operations after sparing some time from the security of the VIP’s and haven’t done well in most of them. Our NSG reached there late after because they didn’t have any air plane to travel and they were far located which cost us hundreds of lives. So, in order to counter any such kind of attack in future, the NSG is planning to move its HQ from Manesar to some place in Palam has created 4 regional centres in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai like they are aware that next time terrorists will attack nearby these places. And the NSG would reached there in their claimed 30 minutes response time. NSG, still hasn’t acquired any plane or helicopter and is said to have MOUs with major airlines and would requisite the plan as if those airlines are been doing regular rehearsals for the combat operations and would serve the NSG in matter of seconds. So, all the claims made by the NSG seems like fairy tales, which may bring smile to many faces and assure the security of the nation. But, with present setup of the NSG we won’t be doing any better in any kind of terrorist attack. Hence, the title of special response force or anti terrorist squad must be ripped off from the NSG and they should be exclusively given the task of securing the bunch of Political VIPs and others. And, we must wake up from the dream that SAG comprising of army personnel can be lead well by an IPS rather than a Commanding Officer of Armed forces. And hence the anti terrorist squad should be a special units of Armed forces situated at all the army head quarters because in that case they will be more equipped and more resourceful and would respond in a way in which a Special Response Unit should and would act in a way in which a Anti terrorist Squad should Act.

It was just like recovering from a nightmare. A week long speculations end with some unprecedented and least expected verdict. All the parties were busy in doing the airthmetic to cobble up the magic number in the much expected hung parliament. Even, the congress hasn’t expected to do so well and emerge as a single largest party and just a whisker short of the halfway mark as a prepoll alliance. Although the results are much unexpected but they are farmost the most accepted one. Now for the greater delight of the citizens of the India, we would have a government which enjoys its own majority and could take decission at its own wish without the left or other regional parties jolting its neck to take a decission or other.

It was clearly the victory of the well and modest governance of S. Manmohan Singh and enthusiastic and refreshing leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi moved to each and every part of the UP to get the number which it  hasn’t won in the last two decades. Without getting into any prepoll alliance in UP and taking a courageous step to go into poll all alone, which was opposed and questioned by many of his own partymen, Rahul took a brave step and ends up being victorious. It was clearly the victory of youth, with most of his handpicked youth leaders who were chosen at the expense of few experienced and senior leaders winning with a bang. There was another personality who also belongs to the Gandhi-Nehru family, who was the scriptwriter of this amazing triumph of the Congress in UP, Priyanka Gandhi, who is still shying to join the active politics but stood firm in endorsing the congress party. She is looked up as a figure of her grandmother Indira Gandhi and has a great chemistry with the common people of India. She has a soothing smile on her face and a great command which could surely lure anyone. But behind this soft spoken and cute face, there lie a strong and courageous lady who can make her opponent quiet with her rhetorics.

One of the major reason for the defeat of the congress party is there attack on the personality of Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is looked up as an idol of generosity, decency and a well mannered person. He was called up as an impotent by few political parties, and now he has prove his worth and would surely yield some fruitful result for the country, as this time he would be able to take firm decision without any ally forcing him to change his decision.

So, whether you call it a verdict in fear of a hung parliament or a left dominant or lead government, but it would always be seen as a victory of a Decent human being, an innovent leader and a charmistic personality in Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi recpectively.

Now when we are just a week short of much awaited results of 15 th general election and majority of the seats have been voted for, it still give us a hazy picture of a hung parliament. Nevertheless it was much talked and advertised election in Indian Political History aftermath the Mumbai terror attacks, people were urging and campaigning to vote for a change. But, what the poll stats for the four phases have depicted that , we the Indian are best at making noice and complainig and when the time comes for us to change it we all just show our back. None of us has expected just 50% polling in Mumbai, which wer standing tall in great number and shouting loud to bring the change after the 27/11 attacks. But its really ironic that it just took a little more than a  half year to get out of that trauma and live their most popular ” Amchi Mumbaikar Life”. It was claimed that this time Mumbai won’t just stand up again and follow its ” Chalta hai ” sort of trend, but it was the same, soon they all have forgotten all the wounds given by Azmal Kasab and his fellow terrorists. Same was the case with Delhi, it was quite agonising that all this campaiging and motivating could only convince the half of the population to come out and vote for their right. Although at the end of the day, it was claimed that most of the voters were deleted from the eletoral roll along with the Chief Election Commissioner of India, Mr. Navin Chawla, which at last voted due to his Status, but still a perfect listing of the voters would have just helped to reach the numbers by 55% at most.

                                      Two constituency which were much to be appriciated for their participation in General election were Malegaon and later Nandigram. People just rushed to the polling stations in heaps and bounds to vote for change and to vote for their rights even most of them were taken from the relief camps where they were staying as refugees after loosing their homes to communal rights. In Nandigram a thumping polling percentage of 88 % was recorded.

                                  We must give a thought to what we are giving to our nation. After all the happenings in last year, the terror attacks, the recession, the inflation, the hung parliament was the last thing which the people of India and most of the parties would have dreamt of. But with election commission banning the exit polls its just the activities of the various parties to work out post poll alliances to reach the magical figures, shows that they are pretty sure by their internal sources that none of the parties or pre poll alliance could emerge with majority on their side. It was supposed to be a battle between Sh. L.K. Advani and Dr. Manmohan Singh, but now with all the happenings there are lots of Kings and queens who are trying to grab the throne.

                               Its really hard to figure out the picture of the next government, but the left and the upcoming third front or the fourth front of Bihari leaders would give it a colour for sure. These small heroes are gonna play an important role to form a government. But its not sure that for how long that hung government would survive. I think we would be into the 16th polls pretty soon and i urge you all to vote and above all vote wisely next time.