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Kamal got Lucky,oopps.. Unlucky again!!!

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Facts
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The plan to visit Manali started with two on board me & Sanjay. And even after lots of hard work done by Sanjay by utilising his two days’ off in calling numerous friends to persuade them to accompany us, we were successful in getting only Kamaldev on board. So, it was decided that three of us would use the Government Transportation to reach Manali, and three seats were booked by Sanjay in an AC deluxe bus from Chandigarh to Manali. Since, it was a 2 by 2 bus, one of us was supposed to sit with some other passenger, and that gave birth to a new hope that the other passenger might be a Beautiful girl. This hope was a reason of Goosebumps and a fight among us to decide who would sit with the passenger if it would a girl and who would if it won’t be. After, a bit of resistant, keeping in mind my previous badluck in this trait, I voluntarily withdraw my candidature for the hotseat and sat with Sanjay. So, it was me and Sanjay sitting together and Kamal Sitting in front row. Another family of 10 people were also travelling in the same bus, and don’t know how they mismanaged to get a single seat on the either side of aisle i.e. one with Kamal and the another on the other side of the aisle. So, for their convenience, a couple of that family occupied sat together occupying someone else’s seat and dumping their seat adjacent to Kamal’s. So, this leave the ray of hope enlightened in his heart and we waited for the Kamal’s co passenger with curiousity. And, bang!!! The door opened and a Beautiful girl entered the bus with only one vacant seat that’s with Kamal. It must have set Kamal’s heart on pounding and a series of emotions named badluck, jealousy ran through mind and I once again started cursing my luck. And Kamal must have thanked all the gods he had listen about for this opportunity. But none of us knew that Kamal’s happiness was shortlived and so was our sorrow. When the Beautiful and much awaited girl checked his ticket, it was found that her seat is on the other side of the aisle which was occupied by that family. They requested her to swap the seat and sit with Kamal, but she bluntly refused to that. Soon, the expression of glee faded from Kamal’s face and he looked shocked and sad. And me and Sanjay broke into continuous laughter for almost ten minutes annoying Kamal and surprising the other passengers. And, hence the journey started with lots of emotions and laughter!!! A perfect start to an interesting weekend !!!


My last post has might change my image of an anti policymakers kinda blogger. But once again, the happenings around me has brought the real critic out of me and has forced me to post something which would again highlight the dark patches of our system and how various critical situations are held in our country. On Friday a truck stormed into an electric pole bringing a half century old structure down which led to the breaking down of four other poles too and soon the NH-95 became a pool of death with high voltage electrical wires spread across the road. Somehow, the electrical department acted on time and switched off the supply to avoid any kind of mishap. But, unfortunately as much expected nothing was done to clear the road. After 5 hours of the collapse, the situation was same, but some VIP area needed the supply of electricity urgently. So, after taking some initial safety measures which includes posting a constable on either side of the affected road to divert the traffic, the supply of the electricity was resumed thro’ the broken poles and the wires lying on the road and divider. This act put life of many people on danger, but who cares when it come to fulfill the needs of Indian VIPs. Then the authorities waited for some mishap to act in an appropriate way and that happened soon as there was no electricity on the highway some drunkard bikers miscued the constable to divert the traffic as a traffic police and rode at a high speed toward the side where the wires were spread to avoid any challan or fine. And, soon they sped into the web of death and one of the biker died on spot. It took more than an hour and the efforts of the local people to drag the body out of the trap with the help of wooden logs. The authorities were too inert to the situation, being a cantonment area the military acted and registered a case against the electrical department and blocked the way with the help of newly installed iron cages to protect the newly planted trees along the road side. It was resourceful thing to do but its very disappointing that the police authorities doesn’t have proper blocking material with radium signs so that it could be visible in dark too. If, the administration would have acted accordingly then the biker wouldn’t has been punished to death for violating the traffic rules which otherwise would have cost him some fine. So, it took a death and more than a day to set up things and restore the power supply. Its highly disappointing that why the lives of the common man of our country is taken as granted and we aren’t being considered as anything but a vote to elect the politicians to power and then bear with them till the next elections!!!

 For years long we have been talking about bringing a change to Indian political system. Dozens of governments have been tried over sixty years and we have come up with different kind of leaders. But, till this millennium we have been witnessing an orthodox type of governance which was working within a box and today we have a government that has guts to work differently and come out of the box occasionally as it’s still not possible to change everything overnight. But any change that is for good is always welcome by everyone so was the speech of Environmental Minister Sh. Jai Ram Ramesh in Loksabha clarifying the Indian stand on Copenhagen. He had a profound knowledge about the subject and expressed himself with impeccable display of oratory. He made it clear that India won’t agree to any kind of legal binding on emission cuts and nor would it put its national and voluntarily carried out projects to cope up with climate change under international scrutiny unless it is funded by them. He made it clear that India has a desire to lead the world to make this planet a better place to live as it would be India which would be worst effected by the climate change. He said that India would voluntarily agree to decrease its emission intensity by 20-25% till 2020 and he also emphasized the point that dealing the situation with little bit flexibility and without the expense of our sovereignty won’t result in selling out the country as neither he nor any other leader is so unpatriotic to sell off his own country. It was a pleasure to see his strong urge to satisfy each and every Indian in a simplified way when most of the other MPs were getting bored and asking him to end the speech claiming that they had got his point. So, finally we are in an era where the politicians are more responsible, accessible and answerable to the common man. Jairam Ramesh has enlightened a hope in my mind which has forced me to write something in favor of Indian Politics. Hope our politician would keep on giving me reasons to write positive about them unlike my previous posts which are more harsh on the Politicians. Jai Hind!!!

Its exactly twenty five years, and tomorrow morning we would be having lots of seminars, condolence meetings, homage ceremonies by our politicians to commemorate and shed some tears to show their solidarity with thousands of people who died or get affected directly or indirectly by Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Every year on 3rd of December, all the protest holdings take a national stage and hopes start bubbling up in the hearts of the victims pumping the contaminated blood among their infected veins. But, years after years all that the victims has got is the biased treatment by the Government of India which has been since then being on the wrong side by supporting Union Carbide India, Limited. Indian government hasn’t done enough to bring Warren Anderson, CEO, UCIL to justice who has been absconding since he was released on bail after few days of disaster. He must be living peacefully in some escorted place in US after making lots of profit by investing less on infrastructure, safety measures and all the guidelines, which his company might be following in other countries which have stronger laws. Various research programmes were started by the union of India but none of them were allowed to get published as it would have carnage the Government’s stands that that leakage has only short terms effects. But, contrary to that the leakage caused many hereditary effects and have caused lots of diseases which have descended from one generation to the other. The Government of India ignored the MoU while getting the leased land vacated by the UCC, which was loaded with tones of toxic waste unlike conditioned to be in its original state as in Memorandum. Government can’t explain its stand in doing so neither it could explain why it settled for US $ 470 million which is almost one tenth of claimed US $ 3.3 billion. Neither they were able to claim the victim’s share of compensation by the culprit firm nor could it do much for the betterment of victims. It would always be a mystery for all of us why the Indian Government has been so much in favour of hiding the negligence of a Foreign firm and have ignored the poor countrymen. The victims appeals to bring Warren Anderson to justice might be heard early by the almighty than the government as the octogenarian may be leaving the world soon and some of us would be pointing out the problems of the victims on Golden or centenary anniversary of the mishap. Long live the Indian Democracy and Judicial system!!!

Mad Race…

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Facts
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Have you ever seen, two riders riding on different bikes thro’ a busy path. One of them trailing the other, and criss-crossing the path to match with the leader. If, the leader get struck, he is soon joined by the trailer. But if the trailer somehow get struck in the traffic and the leader doesn’t wait for him to join in. Both will part soon. Relations are somehow like this. Sometimes one of us have to lead the way. There are times when the other person get deviated or get struck by other obligations in that the case the leader ought to wait for the trailer. A true leader in a relation is the one who, take his companion along with himself and if somehow he got struck the leader takes him out of the obstruction and if he got deviated, the leader waits for him to join and move along. And once the two of them are on right track they could drop a bike and move along together on a single bike

A day=24 hours?

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Facts
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For years long, i was taught at the school that a day has 24 hours. And many of the students would have surely be punished for writing it as 23 or 25. So much to their delight and surprise, i have come to a fact that they weren’t wrong in counting 23 or 25 hours in a day. But, to prove themselves right they have to undergo a much complicated subject rather than craming 24 hours a day as an easy option. The concept that comes to play to proving many young students, who couldn’t recall the taught 24 hours a day and often mistaken it as pre and post consective 23 and 25 is ‘Daylight saving time’, often called as ‘DST’. Conventionally it was being used for centuries but its modern concept which is being adapted by most of the countries in world was coined by a Kiwi entomologist George Vernon Hudson in 1895. He found that he could deal better with the studies of insect at the time when there is more sunlight. So, he proposed to advance the clock by one hour at the start of the spring and adjust it backward by one hour at the start of autumn, so that there is more sunlight at the day time and lesser at the dawn. To be specific, about the country who ruled us for centuries and provided us the initial eduaction, but failed to teach us the DST, which would surely have provided many students a space (read more options) to answer a question, the Great Britain, which generally follows the GMT. They adjust their clocks forward by one hour on the last sunday of march at 0200 hrs at the advent of spring and adjust it backward on the last sunday of october at 0200 hrs. So, eventually the their clock doesn’t struck 0200 hrs either on last sunday of march or the last of october, but instead jumps from 01:59:59.9 either forward to 03:00:00.0 or backward to 01:00:00.0. So the last sunday of march has 23 hours and october has 25. Its peculiar but an interesting concept.