Kiran Bedi hurled under Corruption charges…

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, after Bhushans and Kejriwal finally the Anti-Anna people have found a string to tie Ms. Kiran Bedi under corruption charges.
The first woman IPS of the country and winner of various Gallantry awards has been accussed of inflating travel charges paid by an NGO on account of travels made for delivering speeches at various places.
In his defence, Miss Bedi has clarified that she had done so to meet the expenses of her NGO which are not sponsored.
If we unlink Miss Bedi from the campaign against corruption and have a lighter view on this, we will find that this is a very common practice implemented at every stage of life. A housewife inflate a certain of bill to cop up with other expenses, A student inflate the fees, book prices to spend some extra activities, A canteen wala charges a fraction more from few to feed some at lower rate. In most of the cases the reason is not corrupt and in few the inflated amount is used for the most honest work.
Such is the case of Ms. Bedi, She might have very good intentions, but she has given a chance to others to charge her with corruption.
So, it’s upto us to decide whether it tantamounts to corruption or not.


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