Kamal got Lucky,oopps.. Unlucky again!!!

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Facts
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The plan to visit Manali started with two on board me & Sanjay. And even after lots of hard work done by Sanjay by utilising his two days’ off in calling numerous friends to persuade them to accompany us, we were successful in getting only Kamaldev on board. So, it was decided that three of us would use the Government Transportation to reach Manali, and three seats were booked by Sanjay in an AC deluxe bus from Chandigarh to Manali. Since, it was a 2 by 2 bus, one of us was supposed to sit with some other passenger, and that gave birth to a new hope that the other passenger might be a Beautiful girl. This hope was a reason of Goosebumps and a fight among us to decide who would sit with the passenger if it would a girl and who would if it won’t be. After, a bit of resistant, keeping in mind my previous badluck in this trait, I voluntarily withdraw my candidature for the hotseat and sat with Sanjay. So, it was me and Sanjay sitting together and Kamal Sitting in front row. Another family of 10 people were also travelling in the same bus, and don’t know how they mismanaged to get a single seat on the either side of aisle i.e. one with Kamal and the another on the other side of the aisle. So, for their convenience, a couple of that family occupied sat together occupying someone else’s seat and dumping their seat adjacent to Kamal’s. So, this leave the ray of hope enlightened in his heart and we waited for the Kamal’s co passenger with curiousity. And, bang!!! The door opened and a Beautiful girl entered the bus with only one vacant seat that’s with Kamal. It must have set Kamal’s heart on pounding and a series of emotions named badluck, jealousy ran through mind and I once again started cursing my luck. And Kamal must have thanked all the gods he had listen about for this opportunity. But none of us knew that Kamal’s happiness was shortlived and so was our sorrow. When the Beautiful and much awaited girl checked his ticket, it was found that her seat is on the other side of the aisle which was occupied by that family. They requested her to swap the seat and sit with Kamal, but she bluntly refused to that. Soon, the expression of glee faded from Kamal’s face and he looked shocked and sad. And me and Sanjay broke into continuous laughter for almost ten minutes annoying Kamal and surprising the other passengers. And, hence the journey started with lots of emotions and laughter!!! A perfect start to an interesting weekend !!!

  1. kamal says:

    😀 we will plan another trip … What say

    I liked that faces of urs that time ..but that feeling was as said short lived.
    Hey what about new year at shimla…why not to try luck this time 😉

  2. sanjay says:

    oye bilu dat seat was of dat girl only…. 🙂

    hmmmmmmm……. Goa is a gud choice…. bt who will accompany us ???????????

    • uditvashisht says:

      Koi jaawe na jawe…apa teeno ta hege ha…. naale by air janwa ge 🙂 par othe teen seata hundia… so eh kissa nai hoega 🙂

  3. sanjay says:

    hmmmmmm aaapan tino alag alag baithange kake…

  4. Kamal says:

    Kamaldev should improve his personality to avoid such reoccurance in future.

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