An era of change!!!

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Facts
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 For years long we have been talking about bringing a change to Indian political system. Dozens of governments have been tried over sixty years and we have come up with different kind of leaders. But, till this millennium we have been witnessing an orthodox type of governance which was working within a box and today we have a government that has guts to work differently and come out of the box occasionally as it’s still not possible to change everything overnight. But any change that is for good is always welcome by everyone so was the speech of Environmental Minister Sh. Jai Ram Ramesh in Loksabha clarifying the Indian stand on Copenhagen. He had a profound knowledge about the subject and expressed himself with impeccable display of oratory. He made it clear that India won’t agree to any kind of legal binding on emission cuts and nor would it put its national and voluntarily carried out projects to cope up with climate change under international scrutiny unless it is funded by them. He made it clear that India has a desire to lead the world to make this planet a better place to live as it would be India which would be worst effected by the climate change. He said that India would voluntarily agree to decrease its emission intensity by 20-25% till 2020 and he also emphasized the point that dealing the situation with little bit flexibility and without the expense of our sovereignty won’t result in selling out the country as neither he nor any other leader is so unpatriotic to sell off his own country. It was a pleasure to see his strong urge to satisfy each and every Indian in a simplified way when most of the other MPs were getting bored and asking him to end the speech claiming that they had got his point. So, finally we are in an era where the politicians are more responsible, accessible and answerable to the common man. Jairam Ramesh has enlightened a hope in my mind which has forced me to write something in favor of Indian Politics. Hope our politician would keep on giving me reasons to write positive about them unlike my previous posts which are more harsh on the Politicians. Jai Hind!!!

  1. Virk says:

    true dude!!….
    lets hope fr sm better future!!1

  2. Kajal says:

    I hope his words to walk better then his talks.

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