25 years of sorrow….

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Facts
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Its exactly twenty five years, and tomorrow morning we would be having lots of seminars, condolence meetings, homage ceremonies by our politicians to commemorate and shed some tears to show their solidarity with thousands of people who died or get affected directly or indirectly by Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Every year on 3rd of December, all the protest holdings take a national stage and hopes start bubbling up in the hearts of the victims pumping the contaminated blood among their infected veins. But, years after years all that the victims has got is the biased treatment by the Government of India which has been since then being on the wrong side by supporting Union Carbide India, Limited. Indian government hasn’t done enough to bring Warren Anderson, CEO, UCIL to justice who has been absconding since he was released on bail after few days of disaster. He must be living peacefully in some escorted place in US after making lots of profit by investing less on infrastructure, safety measures and all the guidelines, which his company might be following in other countries which have stronger laws. Various research programmes were started by the union of India but none of them were allowed to get published as it would have carnage the Government’s stands that that leakage has only short terms effects. But, contrary to that the leakage caused many hereditary effects and have caused lots of diseases which have descended from one generation to the other. The Government of India ignored the MoU while getting the leased land vacated by the UCC, which was loaded with tones of toxic waste unlike conditioned to be in its original state as in Memorandum. Government can’t explain its stand in doing so neither it could explain why it settled for US $ 470 million which is almost one tenth of claimed US $ 3.3 billion. Neither they were able to claim the victim’s share of compensation by the culprit firm nor could it do much for the betterment of victims. It would always be a mystery for all of us why the Indian Government has been so much in favour of hiding the negligence of a Foreign firm and have ignored the poor countrymen. The victims appeals to bring Warren Anderson to justice might be heard early by the almighty than the government as the octogenarian may be leaving the world soon and some of us would be pointing out the problems of the victims on Golden or centenary anniversary of the mishap. Long live the Indian Democracy and Judicial system!!!

  1. rwac48 says:

    We all have short memories.Thanks for the reminder.

  2. h s jossan says:

    Waren Anderson visited India soon after the tragedy. He also tried to compensate the effected but politicans provked the mob not to compromise,and demanded for captial punishment for Anderson .In such circumstances Anderson took the support of our Judicial system and ran out of the trap . He never came back for the support of the poor people.Politics is still warm on this topics and politicans are making fool of innocent indian people .

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