Sun may shine….

Posted: November 30, 2009 in My life
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It was like reliving the past. Twitter helped me knowing that the Result of CGL Main Exam will be put on the website on 30-11-2009. It brings the anxiety and curiosity of a result back to my life which I haven’t experienced since have left academic studies after joining the postal department. It reminded me of my childhood when on the day of my birthday I used to get up early in the morning and wait for the rest of the family members to wake up and wish. Though, I never long for a gift that would be given to me only on my birthday as in the case of Anjali of Kuch Kuch Hota hai, yet there was a kind of excitement and enthusiasm of being a birthday boy. It reminded me of the times when I waited for midnight for the declaration of result. So, the life has moved a circle and I was again waiting for the clock to struck 12 and give me the result of a hopeful prospect although I didn’t do that well in the exam. But still as its human tendency to hope against all the odds, I was doing the same. SSC is much talked about its delay in results, false information and false tentative dates of result, yet I was hopeful that It might publish the result at midnight. Hence, when my eyes started giving up, I checked the website once again, put the laptop aside but did not shut it down, so that I might come to see a good news if I happen to get awake at night. And as it says, curiosity doesn’t let you sleep; I checked the website thrice in deep sleep but with a hope at 0002 hrs, 0300hrs and 0600hrs. But as we say blessing in disguise my hopes remain alive as the SSC hasn’t yet published the result. So, the chances of cracking it were still alive. I wake up at checked the website again but the hope were still alive, no results yet. I decided to have a day off from the office, so I called up my boss and told him that I am ill so I can’t attend the office. So, it was a lazy day at home, I decided to watch a Punjabi comedy movie for a change. It was worth watching and then a nice thing happened to me I got a call from Lt. Gen. H.S. Panag. He gave me bit of guidance about the SSB interview and was much generous to help me whenever I need. It has opened up another door of hope and opportunity, after so many days of dark, I see a ray of hope. You never know, I might end up getting recommended by SSB on my eight chances after failing for 7 times. With the Defence’s dreams ringing up in my mind again, the SSC thing takes secondary position. But, I consider its result as a step ahead toward the journey of success rather than success itself. Surely, any positive result will help in gathering the positive energy towards me which will surely help in my enhancement. And above all an inspector is far more impressive than a Babu in Postal department in the society as well as in any interview I will face in near future. But, the SSC is at its best in making the aspirants wait on their heels, half of the 30th November has passed, yet there is no clue of any result. At last, when I had lost all the hope of 30th being the date of declaration of result and was about to leave my place to meet my friends, I checked it once again. And guess what, to much of the surprise I have cracked it and my name was among the list of the successful candidates selected for interview. So, today has been a day which has brought rays of hopes into my gloomy life! Hope the sun will shine and the flower of happiness will blossom in my life!!!

  1. Kajal says:

    OMG! Wo. I checked it 5 days after the declaration, when friends started bugging me with their irritating queries. By the way, good luck for your SSB Interview.

    • uditvashisht says:

      yup…………….. clearing d SSB is the best thing that can happen to me…. anyways wat about ur result ??????????????

  2. h s jossan says:


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