How prepared India is ?

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Political
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After the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, where both the intelligence and the security forces failed abysmally. There were talks about major reforms, head were shifted and P. Chidambaram was given the charge of Home Ministry, he talked high and announced major reforms in NSG like increasing the strength setting up regional head quarters and Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. Its been an year since the attacks, we have shown our respect to the martyrs killed in the attacks by giving them homage holding functions etc. But, the question remains the same, are we prepared for next 26/11. Basically for the purpose of the internal security of the country and counter terrorism within the country a special response unit was created by the Cabinet under the National Security Guard acts in 1886 and was named NSG. It was said that while performing Operation Blue star in 1884 there was a collateral civilian casualties when the Indian Army was clearing the Golden Temple under the seize of the militants. So, to avoid any repeat of such kind of situation a special anti terrorist squad was created modeled on Germany’s GSG-9. Although it is hard to explain how a squad or unit consisting of 15000 personnel can be a replica of a special task force of 300 personnel. Although, the NSG equates these figure inversely with the numbers of operations carried out by them. GSG-9 has reportedly completed more than 1500 operations including abduction, terrorism, extortion and the NSG has been active in only 7 operations after sparing some time from the security of the VIP’s and haven’t done well in most of them. Our NSG reached there late after because they didn’t have any air plane to travel and they were far located which cost us hundreds of lives. So, in order to counter any such kind of attack in future, the NSG is planning to move its HQ from Manesar to some place in Palam has created 4 regional centres in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai like they are aware that next time terrorists will attack nearby these places. And the NSG would reached there in their claimed 30 minutes response time. NSG, still hasn’t acquired any plane or helicopter and is said to have MOUs with major airlines and would requisite the plan as if those airlines are been doing regular rehearsals for the combat operations and would serve the NSG in matter of seconds. So, all the claims made by the NSG seems like fairy tales, which may bring smile to many faces and assure the security of the nation. But, with present setup of the NSG we won’t be doing any better in any kind of terrorist attack. Hence, the title of special response force or anti terrorist squad must be ripped off from the NSG and they should be exclusively given the task of securing the bunch of Political VIPs and others. And, we must wake up from the dream that SAG comprising of army personnel can be lead well by an IPS rather than a Commanding Officer of Armed forces. And hence the anti terrorist squad should be a special units of Armed forces situated at all the army head quarters because in that case they will be more equipped and more resourceful and would respond in a way in which a Special Response Unit should and would act in a way in which a Anti terrorist Squad should Act.

  1. deepak says:

    well done Udit,
    nthr nice blog with all deep causes n analysis.

  2. ravi says:

    There r few misprint thing and u forgot to mention about the steps which govt of India recently took. although it is an nice attempt and i m really impress by the way of writing and expression

  3. suresh jangra says:

    nice dude it is a nice start and a great attempt to express yourself.

  4. h s jossan says:

    India being a big continent,multi religious and races ,its security is always at stake because it is geographical location ,srounded by its foes and their easy access through ground . They are incapiable in fighting with India directly as such they indludge in cold war with it ,under such circumstances the role of NSG became very prominent .We should ignore their short comming and prase their bravery even in the scarcity of everything .

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