Posted: September 4, 2009 in General
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World sports is often looked as a competition which has million of spectators, which lure many giant commercial houses to pump in lot of money to sell of their products in tiny ad intervals between breathtaking show of exciting contest. But a deep introspection brings out the fact that World sport has led this era far away from the evil of racism and inject a streak of patriotism among the players as well as the spectators.

Today when the world is fighting like cats and dogs, world sports has remained immune to much of its affect, if we ignore few trivial but shameful instances. Today, you need not belong to a particular caste, skin or community to participate in a national or world event. A player is picked up by his capability and talent. There are lot of instances where the sportsmanship has pushed the word ” Racism” far away. The William sisters are cheered up by the American irrespective of their colour as they bring home some invaluable grandslams. Even the british who took the racism to all time high during their regime of brutal rule over Indian let an Asian to lead their cricket team for many years and they don’t shy away to include several asian players to their team. In football no player is asked to defend or attack the post on the basis of his colour or caste. Its the talent that counts.

Also, when modern youth is getting highly westernised, its only the Sports which ignite a sense of patriotism among them. Its the glory of the sport which catalyse a spirit to represent their country, which is nothing but a mismanaged chariot full of load of millions of people being driven by a bunch of corrupted crooks, at world’s level. So, in order to unite a world sitting on piles of nuclear weapons we must encourage the world sport and insulate it from shameful ” Monkey Gate” instances.

  1. h s jossan says:

    Sports in today word is true form of worship ,as it leads to good health and sound mind with which any one can achieve any goal in life . If there are some drawback in this field they should be ignored , because one has a little to lose and alot to gain, so try to be a sports man .

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