Mad Race…

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Facts
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Have you ever seen, two riders riding on different bikes thro’ a busy path. One of them trailing the other, and criss-crossing the path to match with the leader. If, the leader get struck, he is soon joined by the trailer. But if the trailer somehow get struck in the traffic and the leader doesn’t wait for him to join in. Both will part soon. Relations are somehow like this. Sometimes one of us have to lead the way. There are times when the other person get deviated or get struck by other obligations in that the case the leader ought to wait for the trailer. A true leader in a relation is the one who, take his companion along with himself and if somehow he got struck the leader takes him out of the obstruction and if he got deviated, the leader waits for him to join and move along. And once the two of them are on right track they could drop a bike and move along together on a single bike


    interestingly improvised the idea of mad race in real life relationship….i like last line the most

  2. h s jossan says:

    Road ragging is not good it will either harm you or the others be carefull while driving , if someone want to prove somthing then the racing tracs are there .The quality of true leadership lies in taking all his followers along with him ,not in running forward alone this will demoralise the followers .

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