A day=24 hours?

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Facts
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For years long, i was taught at the school that a day has 24 hours. And many of the students would have surely be punished for writing it as 23 or 25. So much to their delight and surprise, i have come to a fact that they weren’t wrong in counting 23 or 25 hours in a day. But, to prove themselves right they have to undergo a much complicated subject rather than craming 24 hours a day as an easy option. The concept that comes to play to proving many young students, who couldn’t recall the taught 24 hours a day and often mistaken it as pre and post consective 23 and 25 is ‘Daylight saving time’, often called as ‘DST’. Conventionally it was being used for centuries but its modern concept which is being adapted by most of the countries in world was coined by a Kiwi entomologist George Vernon Hudson in 1895. He found that he could deal better with the studies of insect at the time when there is more sunlight. So, he proposed to advance the clock by one hour at the start of the spring and adjust it backward by one hour at the start of autumn, so that there is more sunlight at the day time and lesser at the dawn. To be specific, about the country who ruled us for centuries and provided us the initial eduaction, but failed to teach us the DST, which would surely have provided many students a space (read more options) to answer a question, the Great Britain, which generally follows the GMT. They adjust their clocks forward by one hour on the last sunday of march at 0200 hrs at the advent of spring and adjust it backward on the last sunday of october at 0200 hrs. So, eventually the their clock doesn’t struck 0200 hrs either on last sunday of march or the last of october, but instead jumps from 01:59:59.9 either forward to 03:00:00.0 or backward to 01:00:00.0. So the last sunday of march has 23 hours and october has 25. Its peculiar but an interesting concept.

  1. srujan says:

    yes it is really interesting concept

  2. Ashith says:

    man…i neva knew ol diz!!

  3. Kajal says:

    Day light saving concept is fun. One gets to sleep ONE EXTRA HOUR in one of the chilly winter nights. lol

  4. h s jossan says:

    form were you get this information

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