An evening, that can’t be forgotten

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Fiction
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It was a wonderful evening. The nature was its ballistic best. I was walking with her along the narrow lane in the park, admiring the advent of the spring. There were flowers all around, but all my attentions were concentrated at the flower walking beside me. She was looking so amazing in a long red gown which ends in between her thighs and knees; she was wearing a red colored belly with a pencil heel in her feet. Her hair was falling on her shoulders, bouncing up and down with each of her step. I always loved her loose hair, moving here and there with air, enjoying the freedom. She has a beautiful pair of eyes which can mesmerize anyone. A hint of lip gloss has added up to her already beautiful and killing smile. There was a different kind of aroma of her presence which was driving me crazy. It was an important day of my life; I have waited a long for it.  It was she, who broke up the Ice, turning toward me She asked, “So, Udit, why are we here?”, “I wanted to say something to you”, I replied in a slow tone, still not able to look into her eyes. “Then speak up, you are behaving bit berserk.” she commented. “Let’s sit somewhere and talk.” I proposed. So we moved few more yards and then settle on a bench. She turned towards me, and her eyes were enquiring me. This was the first time I have got the full view of her charming face. The more I look at her face, the more I fall in love with her. The mild wind blew up her hair onto her face. She stroked them away with her finger. But the wind was troubling her much so she just started tying them up. I interrupted “Let them be loose, they look beautiful.” She took her hand off her hair. I hold her hand and with a stammering voice said, “I love you”. She gazed at me and said, “What did you say?” “I said I love you, I always wanted to tell you about my feeling, but there was a kind of insecurity of loosing you, which always refrained me from expressing myself. I don’t know whether you feel the same for me or not. But all I know is I love you, and I don’t expect anything in return.” “Udit, Don’t you think its too early?” “Too early? Too early for what, for loving you? Its never early to love someone. This life is too long for all the strides and sorrows but we have very little time for loving and being loved. So the moment, one find his/her love, he should go straight and show his love. That’s what I m doing, standing in front of you and telling you how much I love you, and how my life could get transformed into by heaven on being loved by you.” She was looking at me with utter surprise. I continued “I don’t know whether I deserve to be loved by you. Whether I can fulfill your dreams. I am not sure whether I can make you laugh in your sorrows but I promise you one thing that I can cry with you.” I rose my head and looked into her eyes, there was a tear rolling down her eye. I extended my hand and wiped that off and said “Dear, I promise you that I wont let a single tear roll down your eyes and whenever you will be in a need you will always find me around you.” She looked into my eyes and slowly touched my face with his hand, after all the talking it was our eyes turn to tell their story. She moved her hand into my hair and then wrapped me into her arms and murmured, “I love you too Udit.”

  1. deepak says:

    frm whr did u get these beautiful lines???/ udit


    its great…i like the line i can cry wid u…
    very intersting….
    its just like a prelude of a love story..
    write more..

  3. Mehtab says:

    Very nice write up … interesting, but … it seems that this is non-fiction because a beautiful expression comes only if something of that nature has already happened.. !

  4. Kajal says:

    that read like a paragraph from Tushar Raheja’s “Anything for you Ma’am”..Its nicely written.

  5. h s jossan says:

    The course of true love never runs smooth budy

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