It was just like recovering from a nightmare. A week long speculations end with some unprecedented and least expected verdict. All the parties were busy in doing the airthmetic to cobble up the magic number in the much expected hung parliament. Even, the congress hasn’t expected to do so well and emerge as a single largest party and just a whisker short of the halfway mark as a prepoll alliance. Although the results are much unexpected but they are farmost the most accepted one. Now for the greater delight of the citizens of the India, we would have a government which enjoys its own majority and could take decission at its own wish without the left or other regional parties jolting its neck to take a decission or other.

It was clearly the victory of the well and modest governance of S. Manmohan Singh and enthusiastic and refreshing leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi moved to each and every part of the UP to get the number which it  hasn’t won in the last two decades. Without getting into any prepoll alliance in UP and taking a courageous step to go into poll all alone, which was opposed and questioned by many of his own partymen, Rahul took a brave step and ends up being victorious. It was clearly the victory of youth, with most of his handpicked youth leaders who were chosen at the expense of few experienced and senior leaders winning with a bang. There was another personality who also belongs to the Gandhi-Nehru family, who was the scriptwriter of this amazing triumph of the Congress in UP, Priyanka Gandhi, who is still shying to join the active politics but stood firm in endorsing the congress party. She is looked up as a figure of her grandmother Indira Gandhi and has a great chemistry with the common people of India. She has a soothing smile on her face and a great command which could surely lure anyone. But behind this soft spoken and cute face, there lie a strong and courageous lady who can make her opponent quiet with her rhetorics.

One of the major reason for the defeat of the congress party is there attack on the personality of Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is looked up as an idol of generosity, decency and a well mannered person. He was called up as an impotent by few political parties, and now he has prove his worth and would surely yield some fruitful result for the country, as this time he would be able to take firm decision without any ally forcing him to change his decision.

So, whether you call it a verdict in fear of a hung parliament or a left dominant or lead government, but it would always be seen as a victory of a Decent human being, an innovent leader and a charmistic personality in Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi recpectively.

  1. srujan says:

    yes ur right that india got stable government which is very important in present scenario

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