Posted: May 10, 2009 in General

Life is just a like a drama or a play, in which every actor don’t get the role he wants to play. It is a riddle which ends up into another riddle, even harder than the solved one. Many times you would come across with a situation, where you would think “Why me?”, but I don’t think that anyone of us has come to an acceptable answer to this much asked question. Just suppose, you work hard at your office and after being completely fucked out, and you just dream of reaching home and relax for a while. And the moment you reach the parking area, you find that your bike has got punctured and then you have to drag it for few kilometers to get it repaired and the hectic day goes more tiring. And the first thing that strike to your mind is “Why me?”, in the normal circumstances , if it won’t have happened, you must have reached your home and by know must have got refreshed too. But it wasn’t destined so, you were to be checked by God’s irrelevant tests. And these tests never end. Once, you feel that you have proved your worth and now you can enjoy the life, you are introduced to another hurdle which requires even more hard work and drills you out even more than the previous one.
We surely can’t change the things we go through the only thing we can change is how we confront the various problems of our life and how we ends up being victorious. And above all its not about just winning over each and every situation we come across with, sometimes we have to loose to win something better and bigger.
I must say that one of our biggest enemies are our expectations and dreams. This might sound contradictory to most of you, but let me explain. No wonder, we should always expect and dream high then only we can achieve any success. But a dream should last for a night only, at dawn it should be reshaped into an aim and we must start working on that. So, merely dreaming and expecting won’t be of any help hence they are our enemies in their primary shape or definition.
So in order to have a prosperous life of our dreams, one should revive his views and the word “ Why me?” must be replaced by “Try me” and the dreams should shape up into aims, only then they would be achieved, because there are no free lunches and dinners in life.

  1. Ankur Handa says:

    A thoughtful post!



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