Is India really changing……….?

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Political
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Now when we are just a week short of much awaited results of 15 th general election and majority of the seats have been voted for, it still give us a hazy picture of a hung parliament. Nevertheless it was much talked and advertised election in Indian Political History aftermath the Mumbai terror attacks, people were urging and campaigning to vote for a change. But, what the poll stats for the four phases have depicted that , we the Indian are best at making noice and complainig and when the time comes for us to change it we all just show our back. None of us has expected just 50% polling in Mumbai, which wer standing tall in great number and shouting loud to bring the change after the 27/11 attacks. But its really ironic that it just took a little more than a  half year to get out of that trauma and live their most popular ” Amchi Mumbaikar Life”. It was claimed that this time Mumbai won’t just stand up again and follow its ” Chalta hai ” sort of trend, but it was the same, soon they all have forgotten all the wounds given by Azmal Kasab and his fellow terrorists. Same was the case with Delhi, it was quite agonising that all this campaiging and motivating could only convince the half of the population to come out and vote for their right. Although at the end of the day, it was claimed that most of the voters were deleted from the eletoral roll along with the Chief Election Commissioner of India, Mr. Navin Chawla, which at last voted due to his Status, but still a perfect listing of the voters would have just helped to reach the numbers by 55% at most.

                                      Two constituency which were much to be appriciated for their participation in General election were Malegaon and later Nandigram. People just rushed to the polling stations in heaps and bounds to vote for change and to vote for their rights even most of them were taken from the relief camps where they were staying as refugees after loosing their homes to communal rights. In Nandigram a thumping polling percentage of 88 % was recorded.

                                  We must give a thought to what we are giving to our nation. After all the happenings in last year, the terror attacks, the recession, the inflation, the hung parliament was the last thing which the people of India and most of the parties would have dreamt of. But with election commission banning the exit polls its just the activities of the various parties to work out post poll alliances to reach the magical figures, shows that they are pretty sure by their internal sources that none of the parties or pre poll alliance could emerge with majority on their side. It was supposed to be a battle between Sh. L.K. Advani and Dr. Manmohan Singh, but now with all the happenings there are lots of Kings and queens who are trying to grab the throne.

                               Its really hard to figure out the picture of the next government, but the left and the upcoming third front or the fourth front of Bihari leaders would give it a colour for sure. These small heroes are gonna play an important role to form a government. But its not sure that for how long that hung government would survive. I think we would be into the 16th polls pretty soon and i urge you all to vote and above all vote wisely next time.


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